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buda castle asked 3 years ago

Very disappointingly, along with my WAN IP my local one is also detected and displayed in your reply when the query is send through Firefox browser, which is not the case when Edge is used. I have my own router behind the WAN optical terminal, no remote access, no port forwarding are activated. Is it Firefox giving away details of my private (believed to be private) LAN? How can I prevent it from doing so? Is it safe browser, or it is a traitor. Thanks.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question. I'm happy to see when users are concerned about their privacy online. Firefox is not a traitor. The browser is very safe. If you go to our homepage in chrome, you'll also see your local IP address. This is by design. We make a simple request via javascript and browsers pass us the information for us to display to you. We don't do anything with this information other than showing you it can be seen by others. This helps users take appropriate measures to protect what their browsers are showing. It also lets you know that even if you use incognito mode or private mode, your local IP can still be seen. Does this mean you can be identified by your local IP? No. Millions of routers set local IP addresses to 192.168.x.x or 10.1.10.x. You can only be identified by your Public IP, but that takes a subpoena from local law enforcement to your ISP.

buda castle answered 3 years ago

Thank you for your answer. Actually I'm not concerned - at least more than it is worthwhile - about the fact that I am identifiable by my WAN IP.  What I am concerned about is that someone could get into my private LAN. I suppose giving away one specific private IP along with the WAN could be regarded as some kind of assistance to starting to hack it.  A sort of semi invitation for those who like to be semi invited. That is why I was first disappointed when my private IP was also displayed. But beyond that it was very useful for me, because  I have learned from it, too. After some research webRTC has been switched of both in my Firefox and Chrome. Now my private IP allegedly is not leaking. At least it is not listed. And now I wonder if I am now really safer with webRTC disabled or I have been just made feel safer? Isn't it the happiness of the semi knowledgeable under-informed user?

Leandro Sirosky answered 2 years ago

this was helpful, thank you!

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