Little Help plzz

Mr X asked 3 years ago

Hi , I might sound bit daft, but ma problem is tht i frequently cht at chatboxes on various site and there is a guy who i dont know from somewhere appears at any chatbox i m using and starts writing insults.. i made requests to the admins of those sites also but to no help .. I wanna know is there any way i can track down his IP address from those chatboxes ... Thanx in advance 😮

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Not daft at all.

Unless you some how make a direct connection with this person via file transfer or something, the only way that I know to get their IP would be to contact the admins that run the servers of the chatrooms.

You could go create a hotmail account then give him that address and see if he emails you. Then you'd have his IP unless he sends it using Google's gmail.

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