List of VPN services?

proofmon asked 3 years ago

I see that people are starting to use VPN services to access the net for several reasons. There is one suggested service on this site. I am asking people to list others that they have used and give a short personal review.

As an aside... do you suppose this will become the defacto norm of access?

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Very good question proofmon.

I think connecting via VPN would become defacto for people that are concerned for their privacy. Personally, I'm semi-concerned, but not enough yet to connect via VPN. Even if you connect via VPN, if you share certain information about yourself or your location then the VPN connection is really a waste. Keep in mind that VPNs are required to keep logs....they don't share them or turn them over unless legally obligated.

Another option might be to go in with a group of people and get a VPS and build your own VPN on that system.

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