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N9OQT asked 4 years ago

I run a server at home, and occasionally my IP address changes.

The domain name that I purchased needs to be updated when that happens to forward to the new IP address.

What I would love to find is a quick little script that could check the IP say once an hour, compare it with the IP found last time. If it is the same, do nothing. If the IP has changed, then email me the new IP address, and store the new IP for comparison next time.

My IP seems to only change once a month or so, but occasionally it will happen, and if I do not notice it right away, then my site is inaccessable.

Any thoughts?

I am much better with Windows than with Linux, and I just don't really know how to get started.



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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

Linux Dynamic DNS...
First link:
about 2/5 of the way down:
Dynamic DNS with Your Own Domain
You can use dynamic DNS if you already have, or want to have, your own registered domain name. You may want your own domain name for several reasons:
* You want to set up production Internet servers for an organization or business with static IP addresses.
* You want to use your own domain name with your home server(s).
* You want to (as in my case) set up a "non-production" domain just for playing around with. A non-production domain would allow you to investigate how DNS works by playing around with the zone record values. Being that there's no production servers in the domain, there's no problem if you screw something up. (A non-production domain is a real domain with whatever name you choose but you just use it with test servers. Naturally, you can make it a production domain at any time just by setting up "real" servers.)
For this I use the Domain Name+DNS Only Service bundle from because it kills two birds with one stone (and because they have toll-free telephone tech support). EasyDNS will not only host your zone files on their DNS server, but register your domain name (and annually renew the domain name registration) all for $35/year. That's a pretty good deal as well as being convenient. You don't have to go to one place to register/renew your domain name, and then go to another place to host your DNS records. When you register a domain name with EasyDNS they'll set up some preliminary zone records for you and you just go in and add/modify/delete records.
Seems possible, nothing I've ever done with Linux anyways...

aziernest answered 4 years ago

I think that does offer free dynamic dns update client type thing.

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