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najmi asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone!
Administering a network of 30 nodes and over a hundred users I often face a problem that some time a user login to the domain using his/her user name on any computer and without logging off from that computer he/she logs in to other computer. Which i think must be restricted.
how can i restrict users from logging in to a domain through multiple computers at the same time in active directory 2003 without limiting them to logon to a particular computer of the domain means they can use any computer of the domain but only one logon session at the same time??

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

I don't know anything about ActiveDirectory (I write code, I don't manage networks). However I found this answer using Google. I don't think this is exactly what you want - however it's pretty close.

I think you should ask your boss to send you on a course on AD.


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