IP Newbie asked 3 years ago

I mostly just want to learn new things. I found whatismyip.com through the people over at http://prxbx.com/forums/ through the extremely complicated lists & filters that Sidki and the other volunteers make for the Proxomitron.

Basically, I have always been a very curious person about everything that has ever been invented and I was hoping to ask some questions on this forum about networks that I have had a very difficult time getting satisfactory answers to elsewhere.

Also, because I use an old operating system that I intend to use until hades freezes over, I am always on the search for any advantages I can get to stay a step or two ahead of the hackers (other than using a newer operating system). I'll try not to be too much of a pest.;)


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question IP Newbie.

What OS are you running?

In most cases, newer Operating Systems themselves add levels of security which are not able to be added to some of the older ones although my opinion of the drive toward Vista and Win7 is that they are more focused on Digital Rights Management then additional security for the user except in the case of add on software such as IE9 and DirectX 9 and 10 which are purposely designed to be incompatible with XP.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

IP Newbie:

Thanks for your question. I see in another of your posts that you're using Windows 98. I can appreciate the desire to stick with tried and true technology, and Win98 was, for its time, quite the improvement, it is not and was not ever designed from the ground up as a networked or networking operating system. I would submit that Windows2000 was the first true foray in that direction, although Windows NT was certainly a business and networked system, Microsoft didn't really concentrate on networking until Windows 2000.

You're hampering your own learning by using such an operating system. That's not a knock at Win98. Just a truth about the time when it was released versus times today.

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