LAT/LON on IP Lookup

guitarzilla asked 4 years ago

HI, the problem I am having is, Finding accurate LAT/LON. I searched 3 different IP`s from several miles away from where I live. And it shows the same LAT/LON on all 3 different IP`s including mine. When I look up the LAT/LON it shows addresses 10 to 25 miles off. I am wanting to find a something to show the ACCURATE LAT/LON. Is there one?

2 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Chances are the IPs you're looking up all belong to the same ISP. The LAT/LON you are seeing is that of the location of the ISP most likely.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 4 years ago

Most tools like WIMI here utilize a sort of database that is based on registration information (to put it simply). What you're seeing is the address of whatever organization or group has registered those IP Addresses. Like wimiadmin says, that's probably an office for the ISP in your area.

Anything more "real time" would require access to ISP routers and such, and ISP's do NOT like providing that. At a bare minimum, it takes a subpoena, and I actually think it takes a court order (If I'm right, this counts as a form of wiretap).

What you see McGee do in NCIS, while entertaining, is not realistic.

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