Laptop IP address changing on its own

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Deuxdad asked 4 years ago

My wife, who expects her new HP laptop to work like a toaster (no thinking involved) is getting increasingly frustrated because she frequently can't print to the desktop printer. The setup is:

a)Desktop computer (WinXP-pro)hard-wired to Netgear router.
b)Using free Zonealarm for desktop firewall.
c)LaserJet printer hard-wired to desktop.

a)Laptop computer (HP)(Win Vista Home Premium) connected wirelessly to Netgear router.
b)Laptop also using free Zonealarm for firewall.

As long as Zonealarm on the [I]desktop[/I] has the laptop IP address correct, there is no problem and she can print to the LaserJet printer. However, all too frequently the laptop's IP address changes by itself requiring me to change the laptop's IP address in Zonealarm. Once done, she can again print to the LaserJet printer.

Why would her laptop's IP address change by itself and is there any way around this nagging (no pun intended) problem?


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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Deuxdad,

My recommendation is to uninstall ZoneAlarm on the desktop. You're already behind a "firewall" with the netgear router and in my opinion, ZA is overkill.

If you don't feel comfortable uninstalling ZA, is there a setting to accept any IP that contains 192.168.1.x...or whatever IPs your Netgear is dishing out? Just see if you can wildcard the last octet of the IP address.

Do you travel a lot with the laptop? If not, you could assign it a static IP.

The IP is changing because of the lease time set up in the Netgear router in the DHCP settings. You could change the lease time to something like 30 days and probably be "nag free". 😀


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