lap top same IP on different routers?

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MitjaP asked 3 years ago


At home i have wireless conection and use it for my lap top that connects to my router. I usualy have the same IP. I can look it up online it is always the same. I send e-mails from this
Computer and at the recipient it shows my home IP (where the e-mail was sent from).

Question: If i am at my freinds house, use his wireless network to connect to the internet and send e-mails. Which IP will it show in the e-mail information ? Mine or his routers ? We have the same internet provider. If it shows a different IP, can i change it so, that it will show my lap tops IP when i send e-mails from his network router?

Thank you

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question MitjaP.

In general, the IP it shows will always be from the location you are sending from. There are ways of "spoofing" an IP address but we don't get into that here because that's what spammers do and we don't want to be know as a training resource for spammers.

That does not mean your email is untraceable though. When you are at a location other then home, you still get an internal IP address that can be used to prove you were at the remote location if a legal issue comes up.

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