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Benjaminf asked 3 years ago

hi, i got this simple question is there anyway to keep my dynamic ip the same? when i do the ipconfig /all command, then i can see that my ip lease is evry 2 days, but there has to be a way to keep it longer.

note: i called my isp and a static ip is 89$/month extra, so no thanks.
i also don't want to use "" sites, because then my ip still changes they're only used for servers anyway (i think).

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Benjamin,

I suppose you could statically assign whatever your current IP is to your Router or NIC and keep it. But....when you don't release it, your ISP will most likely shut you down. 🙁

The next best thing then would be to use a dynamic DNS service. There are serveral out there. I've personally used in the past and was very happy with their service. I've also read a lot of good things about

These dynamic DNS services are not just for servers. You can install their software on your PC which would give you the ability to remote into it via RDP, FTP, HTTP, etc....unless your ISP blocks those specific ports.

There are definitely cheaper solutions out there vs. paying 89 per month.


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