ive been ddosed or dosed and need to change my ip

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Change My IPive been ddosed or dosed and need to change my ip
Poonti asked 3 years ago

it happened through an online game i make money in..twice... im a student. i left my router off for probably about 6 hours (overnight) and it didnt change on whatsmyip.org or whatever that site is. idk what to do...

before you ask... im sure it was a ddos or at least a dos. he admitted to it, by getting my ip through an internet relay chat. im not going to use it again, its not worth the trouble, but i still need to change my ip..

2 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

There are several threads here already started for changing your IP. The reason you want to change it is irrelevant.

You didn't provide any information that will help us guide you though. Things like what kind of connection you are using, DSL, Cable, WiMax, FiOS, Dialup, etc. and the type of router you are using.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

You mention that you're a student. Are you using your school's LAN? The school sets the IP that sites like ours see, and you'd have to talk to them about it.

See, DHCP and other dynamic IP technologies like that might "reserve" the same IP to you, so that it stays the same. Whoever operates the IP addressing, an ISP, a company, a college, they have to set it.

You'd have to talk to them.

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