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LesPaul asked 3 years ago

Hey guys,

I stumbled across your forum on how to trace someone's IP, which is just what I was looking for (for reasons that are my own).
So I did the "view source" thing on the e-mails (this is in hotmail, by the way). And it works.
The thing is, the IP adress is never the same.
Like, when I receive three e-mails from this person on, say, 28 december 2010, the X-originating-IP is the same. But for every different day that I have received an email from this person, there's a different X-originating-IP.

So what does this mean? Are all these e-mails sent from different computers? And how do I figure out the real one, then?

Thanks in advance,

Lester Paul

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Les,

It might depend on the type of email being sent.

If it's junk mail then the IP will probably be different for each day or even each time you receive the email. Spammers have programs that automatically send these emails via different computers around the world....hence the different IPs.

If it's from a person, their ISP could change their IP automatically without the user knowing. But, the IP, most likely, would only change slightly. One day it might be, and the next day it might be

Another reason could be the person sending the email is behind some sort of software proxy where each time they connect to the internet, they enable this software and it sort of 'cloaks' their IP. And the IP could be very different each time they connect.

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