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Sakara asked 3 years ago

For eight years I've had excellant service with web host usadomains, always had access to my dedicated server. Then enter Charter Cable, the ISP I am forced to use since July. Problem is Charter Cable keeps changing my IP address which my server then does not recognize and I lose valuable time contacting usadomains because I can't access my server. Here I add more information from usadomains:

The reason you cannot connect to your FTP server, is after all these years,
Charter Cable has put you on a new ip address that hasn't been setup with a
correct reverse dns. Below you will see that a nslookup on your IP address
of returns the name of, however if
you do a reverse query to get the IP of the name, it results in a error. In
other words, doesn't resolve back to This problem lies with Charter and not USA Domains, and would
need to be fixed on their end.

------------------------- IP resolves fine to name
# nslookup
Server: localhost

------------------------- Name doesn't resolve to IP
# nslookup
Server: localhost

*** localhost can't find Non-existent

Charter has not responded to this situation and shows no sign of doing so. Is there anything I can do using the tools of whatismyip to change my IP address back to the one my server recognizes.

I thank you in advance for any time you can give.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Sakara,

Unfortunatley, we don't conrtol the IP address assignments of any ISP.

However, I can offer a few suggestions.

First, since you have no other choice but to use Charter, you could leave usadomains....but it sounds like you're very happy with this may not be an option.

Secondly, you could get a VPN service which will give you a "static" IP when connected. Each time you want to connect to usadomains, you'll need to connect to the VPN first. A forum user posted their VPN service which is I've not used this service personally, but they offer a free trial where you can determine if it'll work for you.

Lastly, if Charter offers a business account, this may be an option. You'll probably get a static IP, BUT if Charter doesn't resolve the nslookup on their dynamic IP ranges, they may not resolve nslookups on their static ranges either. Something you'll need to verify with Charter.

I'm sure there are other methods that might help you. Hopefully some other forum members will chime in with their suggestions.


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