is it possible to trace an email from another country?

IP Address Questions and AnswersCategory: Trace An Emailis it possible to trace an email from another country?
Hilda Mary asked 3 years ago

Long story short,my sister met a guy on a website
he says he is in Nigeria on business.
He gave her a sad story about his son being in hospital there and they won't let him leave country until hospital bill is paid. They will only take cash. They have taken his passport.
He doesn't have cash,doesn't have access to credit card.
TO ME it all is B.S.! She is gullible and lonely.
I don't want her to be taken in on a scam.
So I had her send me one of his emails in hopes that I could trace his email addy.
Well the trace came back from Sunnyvale,Ca.
He has email through yahoo and that is where yahoo,corp is located.

What I need to know is how to find out for sure he is in Nigeria?


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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

You and your sister don't need to know anything about this person. This is 100% non-sense. Even if his implausible story were true, why would anybody pay a bill for a total stranger?

Ignore and forget about this person. Block him in your spam filter, Skype, Facebook - or any other conduit of communication.

greg862 answered 3 years ago

Don't bother tracing anything. Virtually EVERY e-mail you get that is connected with Nigeria is a financial trap! The US Secret Service maintains a local field office IN Lagos, Nigeria for the sole purpose of following up rip offs of American citizens by Nigerian nationals. Yes, the SECRET SERVICE...same department that protects the President also handles foreign crimes against Americans. With 100% accuracy, I can tell you this guy is a con artist. Don't care what sad story he told your sister...he's a con artist, guaranteed! BEWARE...ignore him and do not reply any longer. Expect random follow ups (all ripoffs) from his fellow cohorts, after you ignore him and they try new ways to get you to pay money.

dlm4763 answered 3 years ago

This is happening to me now.
Trace is showing up Nigeria but everytime I am
stupid enough to send the money (money I need)
he comes up with another reason why he can't leave there. Now his ticket has expired.

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