Is Hotspot Shield safe?

DeadEye asked 4 years ago

i was thinking about using this program called hotspot shield on my laptop when i travel. it claims that people can not see your personal information when you are using a public internet source but could the person that makes it see what you are doing and steal your private information?

here is the link to it and a description

have any of you used this product before?

2 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

never used it before

I think a good way to go is to setup a VPN on your home connection, that gives you an encrypted tunnel to your home connection and then you are just as secure as you would be at home

aziernest answered 4 years ago

Having a look at site, and reading "100% Security Through a VPN" seems like it's safe to use, and ofcourse the site / software owner may have logging enabled and can look into what you are doing in a similar way that your ISP's can do!

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