is giving your public ip away safe

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Mike Wazowski asked 3 years ago

Hi Random person sitting in an office.
I know that the public ip in itself sounds like something that you would be able to give away without any consequences. But is that right should i stay alerted? i basically want to know if it is safe to give your public ip away or if someone can trace me or whatever. 
i also would like to know if people can find anything private by me giving away my ip address.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Mike. Thanks for asking your question 8 times. I've deleted the 7 duplicates. Please stop causing extra work for us.

Giving out your public IP isn't recommended. It's not unsafe, but if hackers see it and wish to attack your connection, it will only slow down your connection. But anyone could randomly attack IP addresses and cause slow downs in any connection.

It's unlikely that someone can find anything private about you by knowing only your IP address. However, if you publish your IP and hackers know it's yours, if they hack your system, then yes, they could find info that's contained on connected devices if the devices are hackable. If a hacker gets into your router and sees a connected device as Mike's Windows 7 Laptop, then they know to attempt to hack Windows 7. If your device is simply named Mike's Laptop, they they don't know which OS to attempt to hack and it could take longer and might be less likely that they'll be successful. Even knowing the OS or device doesn't guarantee they'll be able to hack your device.

Short version, stay safe and don't publish your IP address.

Robin Kallai Tate answered 3 years ago

Thanks adim

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