Ip2location has the right ip info, you have got it wrong

morten nielsen asked 2 years ago

Your IP information for me on your website has me in the wrong country (the Netherlands) on your site, it says that IP2location, has got me registered in the Netherlands. However when I check on IP2location.com, they have me registered in the right country (Greenland). It seems that you are not displaying the information that IP2location has registered. Eurekaip seems to have it right Can you tell me why you are displaying faulty info?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

When info is updated at ip2location, I’m sure they show the changes immediately. However, they only push updates to us once per month. Usually on the first day. We apply those updates as soon as we can. Your correct info should show on our site shortly after the first of February.

morten nielsen replied 2 years ago

Well, On 30 December, IP2location wrote me that their database had me registered correctly, shouldn’t you have the same information by now?

wimiadmin Staff replied 2 years ago

Their 30 December change may not have been enough time to include in the January update. If your information isn’t correct on our site shortly after the beginning of February, we can investigate further. However, I’m confident the new data will be included and shown on our site.

morten nielsen replied 2 years ago

I’ll wait and see, thanks for your swift reply

wimiadmin Staff replied 2 years ago

No problem. If we don’t show the right info by February 6th, please comment back here so I’ll see it and know to look into the issue further.

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