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tomtinney asked 3 years ago

I'm new at all of this stuff. It looks like it might be difficult to have someone find your address by using an IP lookup program or service.

Will my address or any other personal information be vulnerable to lookup services searches by using Skype?

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me on this.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question tomtinney.

There are no real serious dangers in people knowing your IP Address. There are bots out there constantly scanning IP addresses looking for ways in so there is no real secret to your address. If you signed up for internet and never used it at all, there would still be people discovering the address and trying to find ways in.

Your IP address does not translate to your physical home address anywhere except in the office of your ISP and they already have that information. It also does not translate to your name or anything else unless you are doing something on the internet that connects the two.

Skype is as secure as any other IM type program and has the availability of VoIP and video VoIP. It happens to be the only internet communication program I use other then email.

In truth, there is always going to be some risk in transmitting anything over the internet. If you send something to someone and they are able to receive it, someone that is not intended to receive it could find a way to intercept it.

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