IP question….I’m not sure how to cure this

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andrewmpalmer2003 asked 3 years ago

Hi,( please excuse my terminology is maybe a little wrong ) !!

This is all about connecting my iphone to my pc.

I have connected it via what i think is my internal router ip address which is, this all works ok, it connects via TCP connection, so i presume i must have set up Remote desktop connection on my win 7, 64 bit pc.

This will work ok, which i'm in the house, correct?

But I want to connect on my phone whilst i'm at work, So i need my external ip address which is 81.178.225.???, this does not connect ok, it says failed to establish TCP connection.

Can anyone help me, as this is a IP connected issue.

Kind regards, and sorry if this is a strange thing to put on the forum.


Andrew 🙂

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Andrew,

Seems like you've got everything right except port forwarding.

You'll need to find the owner's manual for your router and port foward 3389 to your computer. Once that's done....all should work just fine.

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