Goldenstar asked 3 years ago

I need help!

I have a Slingbox and want receive TV(=streaming) from my satellite dish everywhere in the world. I would like to move my satellite dish from abroad.
I have a dynamic IP. In my country it is impossible to buy the static IP.
To change the whole system with a static IP is quite expensive. My provider cannot do the 8 Mbits/s....that means I would pay nearly for nothing.
My provider said something about dynDNS; no-IP....but at the moment he does not know how to do it. How can I solve this problem step by step?

Thank you for your help


1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

Here, these links should help you:



Move your dish from abroad? You have a motor and can do that with a slingbox?!?

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