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doug1978 asked 3 years ago

I am part of a gaming community which i have a question about our forum

If someone joined our forum a while back but went inactive for little while,
Then reset there BT homehub to get a differant IP then rejoined our forum under a differant username email etc.
Would that new IP show up under there old username, Or is there anyway for me to find out if it is the same person in question?

Were suspecting an old member who left giving others alot of grief trying to get back in, I and others suspect it is him by gaming technique and tactics but we cant prove it.

Any help is most apprieciated as you can proberly tell im a tech failure lol

thanks in advance

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Doug,

Welcome and thanks for joining our forum.

There's really no exact science.

Perhaps the old IP is something like and the new IP is This would be a good indicator. But if the IPs are drastically different then it would be nearly impossible. The new IP would show up under the old username only if he logged in with the old username or possibly if the cookie was still locked in.....but if he flushed the cookies before returning and changing his IP....you're probably out of luck.

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