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Monokuma junko asked 2 years ago

Using your website, IP lookup showed the wrong country.
Something along the lines of Location: Pristina, 28 RS
ISP: iPKO Telecommunications LLC
Prishtina is the capital of Kosovo. IPKO is a ISP that operates in Kosovo and is independent of anything in Serbia.
Kosovo itself is an independent country with its own police force, language, culture and international standing.
I would appreciate it if the IP lookup was along the lines of:
Location: Prishtina, 28 RKS
ISP: iPKO Telecommunications LLC
We havent been part of Serbia since 1999.
And if you argue that it doesnt have a UN seat, I am sure Taiwan doesnt aswell, but I am sure its not considered part of china.
The lack of UN seat does not imply that Kosovo status is unclear or that it belongs to Serbia.
If you want to take a neutral Stance. Remove the RS part, and refer to the Capital Prishtina with its correct form.
Its not Pristina but Prishtina.
Thank you

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Monokuma. We've written an article on how to submit changes since we don't control the data that's displayed. https://www.whatismyip.com/ip-address-geolocation-incorrect/

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