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Cody Robertson Staff asked 3 years ago


I've been having this weird problem for a few months, and I really need to find a solution now. It's not that I have a dynamic IP. I did not have to restart my modem at all for the IP to change. If I go to https://whatismyip.com/, my IP changes [i]every single time I refresh the browser[/i].

This is obviously problematic. For example, I keep getting flagged as security risk, especially on flash sites, because the HTTP IP is different from the IP logged by flash (after the flash finished loading, my IP would've changed by then).

I know next to nothing about networking, so if anyone can point me towards the right direction, I will really appreciate it.

My router: 2Wire 2700HG

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question simbunch.

Unfortunately, this is a problem you will have to contact your ISP about.

They appear to have you connecting through a proxy. ISP's do this when they are short on IP numbers for their customers. They assign internal IP's to their customers and proxy them to a set of external IP's that will constantly rotate.

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