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riverplate asked 4 years ago

I work from home using a mac book that connects to a vpn. I want to work in another country and generate an IP from USA. Is this possible? Or is there something similar that I can do?

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 4 years ago

There are all kinds of proxy services out there that will let you browse as if you're from a particular country. The people running them are usually advocates for privacy and anonymity.

BUT: If they are trying to run a legitimate operation, they will have a warning that if legal authorities come to them with a proper subpoena or court order, they will comply. Fully.

Your request seems pretty specific. I won't lecture you on illegal activity, or hacking. Instead, know this: If I know about them, you can very well expect that others do as well. It's not that hard to detect proxied traffic. Especially if you use a proxy service. If you're trying to get away with something, you're very likely to get caught.

HMA is one proxy service. FoxyProxy is another.

Brian Stegner answered 4 years ago

Hi riverplate, using a VPN is not different than using a nickname. One can call oneself whatever one chooses, as long as there is no intent to defraud. That being said, there are a number of service companies that provide worldwide VPN.

Besides cost & reliability, there are 2 issues that arise, as far as security is concerned. Encryption of whatever data you are sending/receiving, and the state of the actual VPN datastream. Both can be encrypted. All VPN services offer basic levels of data encryption, but only a few use protocols such as "Chameleon." Chameleon renders your data stream as being impossible to identify as a VPN stream. Period. Some ISPs will throttle VPN traffic, assuming that it is being used for bit torrents and other protocols that they may have opinions of.

But if the data stream, itself, is encrypted, then there's no way to detect it as a VPN stream. I use VypyrVPN. They have servers in Europe, the US, Asia, Russia, Scandinavia... nearly everywhere. My chosen stream has 256-bit encryption on the data packets, and a separate 256-bit encryption on the stream, itself.

When I'm in Europe I will switch to a Los Angeles server in order to get a look at local weather and news, from back home, and then switch back to a UK, or Swedish server for online TV and whatnot, depending on where I actually am located. It's painless, and the extra layer of encryption allows me to go about my innocent business without raising the concern of paranoid ISPs along the way.

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