IP from smart phone

pdbrennan asked 4 years ago

If someone is logging in using their phone, to an online dating site via that site's mobile app and sending emails via that app, can the recipient of the email be able to see the IP?

What about if going to the web browser on the phone, logging into Yahoo.com mail then sending an email from there. Is the IP of the phone then listed?

I'm assuming a smartphone (3G) has an IP?


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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

A couple of scenarios here:

Scenario 1, you login to a site with their app via your phone. If you send someone on that site a message via the site message tool then the recipient doesn't see the IP most likely since all messaging was handled within the sites framework.

Scenario 2, logging in to yahoo mail via your phone....yes, the recipient would most likely see the phone's IP address.

You are correct in assuming smartphones having IP addresses.

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