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Cody Robertson Staff asked 3 years ago

Hello i am new to this forum i got a question.
When i changed my ip i am not enable to connect to they internet anymore.
I searched for google for a solution but i can't find it.

I hope that someone got a solution
Thank you very much..

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Netpeople.

What type of device and Internet connection are we talking about? A Computer, wired or wireless? A Netbook or pad device using 3G or 4G? A smartphone?

How have you been trying to change the IP?

Assuming the basics, a computer using a wired or wireless connection to a router that connects to a residential ISP. There will be two IP addresses. The Internal IP and the External IP.

The Internal IP is only used to communicate with the Router Internally. If you change that IP, you will loose your access to the Internet because you will have put yourself on an incorrect subnet that the Router is not serving.

The External IP is the one you see at our home page. That IP is used by everyone that uses that Router so if you have 5 computers on your home network, they will all report the same external IP address at our home page. To change the external IP will vary depending on your ISP and the type of connection it is, Cable, DSL/ADSL, Fiber Optic, 3G/4G, etc. The external IP is controlled by the ISP and in some cases may require contact with them to make the change.

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