ip confused help me smart people haha

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sneaky sneaky 2010 asked 3 years ago

ok as stupid as this sounds i have friends in another country we have become really close to the point im brought into their life's. this is sweet but the thought idk if all these people are real started to bother me. so i put trackers in an email to 7 of them. being the two im closest to are out of town i fig i get a diff ip address.when spy pig sent me notice it said 5 of the emails were opened within 5 mins of each other and it all has the same ip address. now some know each others password but i picked the ones that wouldnt know each other. so it doesnt seem likely to me that they all open within 5 mins of each other. they all have the same ip. so is an ip computer specific or like network specific. i get what im asking is if two neighbors both opened diff emails in diff houses on diff computers but same dsl company would the ip be the same aka {assigned to the company} or diff {assigned to the specific computer}?

just seem to be way to many coincidences here lately and im way to involved in these peoples lives if anything is a miss.

p.s. anyone know how to tell if your chatting with multiple people like for instance on gmail if they are using a diff pc or the same one. aka we are at diff houses ..... are they really?

every time something strikes me as weird and i say something they have a good plausible answer and idk if it possible that they could be that smart or if the life is just stranger than fiction????? {i have sent web cams to so i can have proof of life hahaha but i need evidence that things exists and i need to do it myself ......... signed never believe it till you see it twice haha:D

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

definitely NOT a stupid question. : )

I think you have every reason to be suspicious.

Having the emails opened by the same IP could be tricky. It really depends if they're connected through a proxy. If so, then a large group of people from one region of a country could show as the same IP....sort of.

The more up to speed the country is, the less likely internet surfers are to go through a proxy. Example, USA, UK, being forced through a proxy is rare. However, countries like South Africa still use proxies. We've banned a few thinking it was one person hitting our site when in fact, it was many....but they all looked like they were the same person since they were coming from the same proxy. Our software saw a ton of hits from 1 IP along with some other criteria and banned them. : ) I got a few emails from people asking why they had been banned and learned about the proxy at that time.

When you're chatting, open up a DOS window and type in netstat then hit enter. That'll show all the connections open at one particular time and their IP addresses and ports.

The fact that all emails were opened within 5 minutes of each other raises a huge flag.

How are they sending email to you? Have you looked at the email headers. In most cases the computer name where the email originated is included in the email header....this would be a dead give away.

Of course your idea with the web cams isn't bad....however, my guess is they'll say they can't get them to work or they'll stop communicating altogether now that they've got free hardware.

Be cautious!

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