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manilal asked 3 years ago

It is very informative and I am thankful to you..

In fact I am working in internet in my spare time. Recently I had joined in a " pay per click Or sign..club"
In the rules it had been clearly mentioned anybody can join ( only one for one ip holder ). Here is a catch..
They offered me 0.05$ for each sign up provided the signing up must be in different locality or IP

I wish to know, If I am using a IP address change software and give different sign ups with different IP . Will it be permissible or genuine ??

I am writing this from Kerala in an internet cafe. The IP address is
Normally in internet cafe's are with one telephone with more no of users ...

Please guide me!!
( please tell me which IP address , I was using )

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

They'll eventually find out it's you with the bogus sign-ups and ban your account entirely.

Plus, we're not here to promote this kind of activity.

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