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westtx28 asked 3 years ago

Hi All -

I have a couple of megapixel IP cameras that continuously record images to a NAS server on my network. The resource monitor on the NAS server shows an average network flow of 800 KB/s.

My question is, does the bandwidth between the IP cameras and the NAS server have an effect on the rest of my network in any way? I realize that if I am viewing live video from another computer there would be an impact but 99.9% of the time the cameras just record to the NAS.

My primary concern is that my Ooma VOIP service, streaming Netflix, and things like that aren’t affected by the IP camera's bandwidth.

The image below shows how I have things set up.


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for joining the forum and thanks for the most useful graphic. Makes things a lot easier when trying to explain.

So the way you have it set up, it appears as though the NAS and IP cameras are on their own 'segment'. If this is the case, then no, it will not impact any other part of your network since the data all stays behind the switch these devices are connected to.

If you view the cameras from any other segment in the network, then those 2 segments will be impacted. If you view the cameras from outside the network, then your entire network will be impacted.....as you've already suspected.

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