ip camera wont log-in remotely

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zorlac asked 4 years ago

hi guys Im a newbie, I hope u can help me out, I set up a DVR for remote viewing and port forward its Ip to port 80. Local access work smoothly just type the local ip and log-in page will appear type password and everything fine!..but when I tried it REMOTELY the strange thing happend I can view the log-in page but I cant log-in my pwd!. doesnt work anymore...😕  😕 no matter how I configured my dvr (even tried to eliminate pwd in it) it doesnt work?? now my head is spinning what kind of pwd did I miss?? I tried all the pwd I known but it's really frustrating:( anyways my provider is a DHCP but I figured it out how many days before the lease expired with the help of W.I.M.I.P.com 😀 thanx guys hope u can help me on this!

1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

hmm, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense- you can use the password locally but not remotely?

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