Ip camera remote access, sometimes yes, sometimes no

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Maltby asked 4 years ago

After much effort and the of this forum and others I can access my four outdoor wireless airsight cameras on my blackberry using AT&T 3G network and from a windows PC using Firefox browser. However I haven't been able to access from work using IE 9 or from a Mac using Safari.
I am using Dyndns but can access through my WAN IP and also using Airsight DNS.

I am a bit puzzled by this and wondering if anyone has any ideas.


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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Since you're able to access the cams from your phone, it's most likely that you've got port forwarding set up correctly.

In this case, your workplace network may be blocking connections to the particular port to which you are trying to connect.

The next best step would be to take a laptop to an open wifi connection and attempt to connect. If your connection is successful then your workplace is blocking the port. If you still can't get in, something is amiss with your port forwarding.

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