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l2d2sav asked 4 years ago

hi all i have an ip camera and can view it on my local network fin but from work or my phone my external ip says cannot display page, like i went to an invalid address, i have a static ip from my isp, have done port forwarding. and even went as far as taking my camera to work and putting it on their network and trying it,

My works isp is dsl and not a static ip, i was able to access my cam from home and from my phone.

can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? does my isp blocking me from using this service?

I have a linksys e2000....it has an option for remote management on port 8080

i cant even get into the router.....so i dont think my problem is my cam or my settings.

if anyone can help me even to be able to access my router remotely id be forever in their debt!

Luke. S

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question l2d2sav.
When you try to access your router from outside your LAN on port 8080, are you using http or https? Most routers require you to use https when using remote access.
Are you formatting your URL correctly? For example https://xxx.xx.xxx.x:8080 - that would be for remote access to your router on port 8080 with the x's being your external IP address.
As for the camera, are you certain you are forwarding the correct port to the correct internal IP? For example, the camera might be on port 80 so the correct URL format would simply be http://xxx.xx.xxx.x - if you are using another port for the camera, you need to add it to the end of the URL as http://xxx.xx.xxx.x:5000 assuming a port number 5000
Also, you can't have both the router and the camera on port 8080, the router will probably not respond to a port 8080 request if you do.

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