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zippy216 asked 3 years ago

I have a foscam wireless IP camera. I followed all of the installation instructions but was still having trouble veiwing the camera remotely. I changed the LAN ip address for my camera to the WAN ip address for my router and port forwarded to that address and now I can access the camera remotely. My question is, is the WAN ip address a fixed address or will that change periodically? Is there a better way to set up my wireless ip camera so the address doesn't change?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question zippy216.

I wouldn't use the external IP address for the camera, especially if you have other services such as a web or mail server running. If you forward the port in the router to the internal IP of the camera, you should have outside access to the camera at your external IP and the port number you gave it.

As far as your IP changing, That depends. I see you posted from a Comcast Business account. If that is the IP the camera is on, It should remain consistence until you change the first device connected to the Cable Modem. Also, with a Business account, you may very well have a static IP if you have any outside accessible servers or VPN connections. A static IP means your IP will not change unless you ask them to change it.

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