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wimiadmin Staff asked 3 years ago

When I look up my ip and then look up my host ip there the same Mac IP address. Is this right? I’m using iPhone that’s having lots of troubles. Can’t send mail out and delivery is scattered days apart. I’m independent not school, work or gov so shouldn’t be under domain but says I have a proxy address. Did a server header check on my secure health site and it comes up with a 302 redirect. Microsoft-IIS/8.5 ASP.NET? What I’m being hacked or what?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

First things first. You did a server header check and got a 302. That will happen sometimes if you try and go to http://yoursite vs. https://yoursite. Try doing a server header check with the full url including https and see what happens.

When you lookup your IP and your host IP, they're the same. What IPs? The IP you surf from, should not be the same IP that you're hosting your website on unless you're hosting your website from your home connection.

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