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jdd148 asked 4 years ago

This website that I won't mention is having a contest and my friend and me both want to be in it. My friend is coming over my house tomorrow and he's bringing his own computer. The contest just requires you to click a button when the timer runs out and fill out some info if you win you can't do it again. My question is will both of us be able to be in the contest or will it block one of us out if one of us wins first.

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question jdd148.

I couldn't say for sure but in most cases, the site would only allow the limited number of entries form a given IP address so both of you will probably not be able to participate.

There are some other more complicated methods of qualifying visitors to a website but the simple IP method is, in my opinion, the most common.

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