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chevys4evr asked 4 years ago

question: your ip address, it like your own personal address? each one different.
havin trouble with intruders here . Had to change my passwords 2 times so far this year.
got a message from yahoo that my machine might hav been hacked into again today.
now the problem is. i got the ip address an it showed the person was over 12 miles from here in another town... bad enuff but the address in mine.
also the laptop an the desk top hav the same address...
i don;t under stand.. can you explain any of this.

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 4 years ago

When IP Addresses started to run out, some very smart people came up with this thing called "Network Address Translation (NAT)." Very, very basically, one device sits on the "edge" of a network, facing out into the Internet, and it assumes what's called a "public" IP Address. This device then turns on NAT, and all the devices "inside" that isolated network assume their own set of IP Addresses. The edge (perimeter) device acts like one device as far as the Internet is concerned. In reality it is "translating" all that network traffic between the inside machines and the Internet.

That's why our utility only sees one IP Address for each acine at your home that comes here.

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