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woodglue asked 3 years ago

I am the mod in a large chatroom and we keep track of the IP numbers and names of visitors. All the scraps of paper have finally reached critical mass LOL

What I'm looking for is some sort of software or program that would allow me to make an entry for;

1) IP address
2) User name
3) Location
4) Misc note (troll, ok, troublemaker, underage, etc)

I've tried Excel but it sucks. I'd like a program that would sort the IP's by numerical value to quickly see if someone has been in the chat room before and under which nickname. An IP sorter as it were.

I've searched the internet high and low for something to fit the bill, but found nothing.

I'm not looking to resolve any IP's or anything fancy. Just a sort of "address book for IP numbers"
When a new chatter comes into the room, I'd like to be able to look up their IP number quickly to determine who they are...

Does anyone know of any kind of software (freeware or whatever) that will do this?


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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Have you thought of contact management programs? Things like the Outlook Address Book or ACT! can permit you to create custom fields for contacts. Or you could use the IP Address as the contact name and go that way. Both are a bit pricey, though, if you're not already using them. ACT! will let you try it out, so maybe you can try it and see. It's certainly more than you need though.

My own needs have been simple enough that the Contacts folder in MS Outlook has been functional enough for me.

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