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fynearts asked 3 years ago

Hi ... non-techie type with just a little knowledge of some things. i have an OKI MC362 printer that has been a dream to use for 4 months. It is connected to an imac and has suddenly developed a flashing status that says 'getting target IP failed - check DCHP settings' ...

This means i cannot print direct from my computer and i have spent days trying to find out what to do, finally finding this forum.

Can someone advise me please? I read and like the idea of printing direct from 'host'? whichever is the simplest please.

thanks in anticipation >>> Gina

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question fynearts.

Have you replaced or upgraded your router recently?

Have you tried restarting the router and/or the printer?

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