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Mlsmith asked 3 years ago

Thank you for reading. I have a gateway running windows 8 and an iPad 4. I was recently banned from an Internet board which tracks my IP address. I use time Warner cable as my ISP. I still want to keep the time Warner cable connection. My question is if I add a verizon USB modem giving me a separate Internet connection will my IP address change even if I'm using the same devices? Basically can I just switch providers when I want to visit this one site and have a different IP address? Thank you in advance.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Mlsmith.

As a general site policy, we do not assist people in side stepping security on other sites. It is our opinion that when people get banned, they need to work out the issues with the site that banned them.

To answer your question, Your IP address is what is used to ban you and it is ISP specific, not device specific. That means you will have a different IP with the Verizon device then you have with your RoadRunner account.

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