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naturesway asked 3 years ago

Sorry if i sound ignorant of this stuff, i am,

Ok, i suspect an email address that has replied to an email i sent is linked to spam, from what i can gether, both the email and the spam received shortly after giving this person my email address seem to have JWS.COM in common, and a location in China.
Is there any way i can link these back to their sourse, so that i can confirm this to some degree
Also is there any way i can track the mail i send to see if there are any unusual diversions in its route,
The reason i ask the 2nd question is because i have had some odd experiences on my mac recently, including a dangerous warning on a reply email which in the past is just the usual, "is this safe to open"

Thank you,

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The problem with SPAM is that the spammers send it from many different computers with many different IPs so it would almost be impossible to track multiple mails to one specific spammer.

As for sending mail out and tracking it....I've not used this service, but have heard good things about it....not sure what the capabilities are.

I'd also scan your computer for malware, etc. before doing ANYTHING else on it.

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