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mosey asked 3 years ago

A RIAA lawsuit has claimed that my daughter dowloaded P2P music from her computer at school. Their correspondence identified an IP address as hers. When I did an "what is my IP address?" inquiry, the numbers were different.
she lived in a 5-student suite in a dorm.

These attorneys have written letters and called and called and called, wanting us to settle. Since my daughter never did the downloads, i won't talk to them but i am worried. I have heard the RIAA has harassed thousands-probably 10's of thousands in their wide-net, cast to collect out of court settlements. When I told them her IP address is different, he said IP addresses change.

What evidence can I find to get them to leave me alone?
Also, what technological language would you use to explain it?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Very good question Mosey.

Since their attorney said IP addresses change, I'd ask for proof as to how they know for a fact it was your daughter's laptop.

I just checked your registration IP and see that you're in the US. I also see that the IP is on campus. Is this the daughter that downloaded or really a parent? 😀 Doesn't really matter either way.

What proof are they using to tie this downloading to your daughter's computer? If you've still got the songs on the laptop, delete them immediately.

I've seen the RIAA put songs up for free download on programs like LimeWire, etc. and when people d/l them, the RIAA looks at the IP they're downloading from. If all they have is an IP, that's a long shot....unless of course the university has turned over their log files. In which case, they'd be able to match the IP to your MAC address at the specific time the download took place.

So, the ultimate question is how do they intend to show it's in fact your daughter. Even if it's her computer, with other girls sharing the same area and friends coming and going, who's to say someone else didn't do it while your daughter was away from her computer.

In any event, delete the songs, tell the attorneys you've deleted the songs and have no intention to download illegal music again from whatever program you were using.

Just curious....how many songs was it? I have a "friend" who has downloaded a ton and has not been contacted bythe RIAA.

TheOne answered 3 years ago

Where can one find their MAC address? I can't find anything undel my notebook other than serial numbers and model numbers.

How do I find it while running the laptop?


Regarding the main topic in question, I think they keep on calling you to settle instead of going to court because they know they will have a hard time winning since it could have been any1. And without checking the mac address how would the school know which exact of had an ip unless one has to log in to go online.

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