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kjanx asked 3 years ago

i subscribe to internet baseball each spring. i have a dynamic ip. each of the last 3 years, my ip changed automtically very little. recently with ATT dsl, the ip changes quite often.
i use the brand '2wire' wireless modem. when the ip changes , i lose the feed. then, i must call and give them a new ip address. thats a real pain to do that, long waits, etc. mlb is of little or no help. i installed a new wireless modem/router, which is using dynamic ip of course. at&t says static is the answer, but at a substantial cost.
at&t recently talked about limiting streaming video, and i wonder if the constant ip changes are to discourage streaming.
the up coming base ball season is near, and before i shell out some cash, i wonder if this forum might be of help? thanks, kj  😡

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

I'm surprised that mlb is that unfriendly with dynamic IPs, especially since a dynamic IP is very common.

Have you tried to talk to MLB support? Maybe you can shop around for a Static IP at a decent price?

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