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kev kev asked 3 years ago

Hi there,

I am a new student in IT and I'm kind of struggling with network implementation. here's the deal:

Me and my group have to implement a network between two building on the company's premises but I think after hours of work we don't really know where to start (1st year BscIT). The building specifications of each building are:
Building 1:
It has three floors.
Each floor has 50 users.
Each floor should have a server.
There should be Wi-Fi for at least 10 users on each floor.

Building 2:
It has four floors.
Each floor has 40 users.
Each floor should have a server.
There should be Wi-Fi for at least 10 users on each floor.

We started with a DHCP server but sadly we cannot find examples on the internet as for the IP addressing scheme, configuring routers that may suit this scenario or the physical topology of such.

I would be more than grateful if you could advise me and sharing some of your knowledge.

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Kev,

This is a great scenario, thanks for posting.

We won't do your homework for you, but we'll certainly offer advice where we can help.

Building 1 would need a total of 183 available IP addresses. (50 users * 3 floors (150) + 3 servers (3) + 10 wifi per floor (30).

Building 2 would need a total of 204 avaialable IP addresses. (40 users * 4 floors (160) + 4 servers (4) + 10 wifi per floor (40).

This gives is a grand total of 387 IP address. This is well above the 255 IP addresses in a single range (192.168.1.x).

Here's where you should start. A single DHCP server can handle this many users. An example IP range would look like this:
Bldg 1 = 192.168.1.x
Bldg 2 = 192.168.2.x

The subnet would be for each connection.

The gateway would most likely be which would be that of your main DHCP server.

That should give you enough to start.

How will the building networks connect to each other? Will those devices need IP address or will a hard wire run between a potential network switch in Bldg 1 to a network switch in Bldg 2?

EDIT: My suggestion is only one way to satisfy the requirements. There are several different ways to accomplish the same.

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