I’m using this website manytimes

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stevejonathan10 asked 3 years ago

Hello All,

I'm using this website many times. I'm really impressed with the services provided by this website.

I'd like to know what result it'll return if my ip is dynamic as well as whenever i check my ip, it always gets differed from the ip i get through cmd.

Does anyone let me know?


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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi S

Thanks for saying nice things - that'll always get you a nice reply.

If you are using a router, the command ipconfig.exe on Windows will tell you the IP address of your machine on the Local Area Network (usually 192.168.x.y)

Our website reports the IP address of your modem on the Wide Area Network (the internet) and that could be almost anything. At the moment, mine is

If you're using a router, then everybody can use a single modem without getting everything mixed up. This is possible because your LAN (network at home) is different from the WAN (global internet) and your router is acting as a gateway between the two.

So ipconfig.exe is reporting the network as he sees it (from the LAN). We're reporting your IP as we see it (from the WAN).


Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Clanmills gave you the "techie" version. Think about your house. If you're inside your house, and someone asks where you are, you might say "bedroom" or "Kitchen." That's IPCONFIG. Windows is telling you your "house" address.

Now, if someone calls you from across town and asks you where you are, you'll say your house, maybe even give your exact address. That, basically, is what a Web site like WIMI here is telling you. Your "outside" address.

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