I’m in Seattle, But Websites Think I’m In India

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hvrobson asked 3 years ago

Recently I have noticed that some websites (including Craigslist) identify me as being in Goa India, when I am in Seattle. This occurs with both IE and Firefox. I have both browsers set to delete history on exit. I reformatted my hard drive and re-installed Windows, but the problem persists.

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Various site and services, including ourselves, utilize publicly available databases of ICANN/IANA-issued IP address, and use the registration information in those databases. Unless your computer is accessing and editing those databases, it's not you. Of course, some sites, like Craigslist, may be using cookies to "remember" your location, rather than doing an IP lookup.

Our own tool identifies you in Seattle. It's also possible that if we're talking about Web sites, then maybe your account was altered? I remember someone sent me a link to weather.com for an international address once, and I missed a checked box that made the international location my default location.

sforillo answered 3 years ago

I have notice the same issue. I recently received some disturbing emails[EMAIL="[email protected]"][/EMAIL]. When I tried to investigate a location of the source, an IP address directed me to a yahoo website in California. I realize I will not be able to find out exactly who generated these emails, but can someone tell me if I can find out the town??


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