I’m in a sick problem..

Cody Robertson Staff asked 3 years ago

Alright.. I just think that this forums contain the right persons who could help me out with this little problem of mine. Please read carefully, I owe my life to the one who helps me out.. seriously. Thanks.

There's a feature in GTA San Andreas, SA-MP [San Andreas Multiplayer] where you connect to servers and play multiplayer. There's a great server, with many players and I really used to have fun in it, played for around 7 months, but January 2013, I got shocked when they banned my website account by mistake. Well, I didn't know so while my website account was banned, I logged in-game to play. But as it is against their rule to play while your website account is banned, they charged me with it. It wasn't a big deal but they banned me for 1 month!! I stayed quiet for a month, but after completing a month, they said they would put me under probation. That means, I wouldn't be able to play and would be observed for 2-3 months and if they feel alright, they would let me play. Isn't that unfair? What big crime did I commit to get a ban for so long? And besides, I was really addicted to playing there, as that was the only thing I did on the internet.

So here, the problem starts. I made up my mind to evade. I live in India, my internet has a dynamic IP. But always, I see same IP most of the time. There are 2 IPs that keep coming all the time, one after the other. So, I just saw that when my IP changed once, I created another account for that server, and started playing. They came to know instantly and banned me again, charging me with "Evading". My ban time got extended by 3 months!! I couldn't wait.. all my friends play that game, and me.. i was banned.. even when it wasn't my fault. So I tried to evade again but this time, I thought I have to do something different.
I downloaded Easy-Hide-IP software and decided to evade. I changed my IP to United States from that software and registered again, but they detected that there's a proxy being used [they still didn't know that it was me behind the scenes]. I posted a ban appeal and they asked me such confusing questions that they found out it was me.. 2xEvading.

Ban time extended.. I was broke. I downloaded this time XXXXXXXX VPN, and decided to play again. I made a new account with an Irish IP. With that, I could play for 2 days, but after that, they DIRECTLY detected that it was me again. I don't know how but they directly came to know that is ban evading again. 3xEvading... -_-
I asked a friend for his account. Friend lived in Romania and didn't play much, but had an account. I used XXXXXXXX VPN to change IP to Romanian and played. Played for 2 days, again they directly came to know that its . Even though I used a proxy and my friend's account, they came to know it was me. I was sick.. I REALLY wanted to play.. all my friends play and I wasnt able to play because of a stupid reason. My ban time extended to 1 year. Plus, IP ban on their website and game account too. Even XXXXXXXX.com couldn't let me surf their website/forums!

3 days back, I downloaded XXXXXX, which I thought is the BEST software. Infact it is, I changed my IP to german and browsing internet completely felt like you're browsing from Germany. They had banned my IP, I could evade that too! I thought XXXXXX is AWESOME, and I used it to make a new account and finally get back in the game, with a totally new german identity and play properly this time.. but.. as soon as I logged in with that german IP, I got banned instantly by an admin for the reason "Open Proxy". My heart is broken.. I want to play there.. I don't know what to do, please help me out. You guys know much about IP addresses.. please tell me a way to just.. play their undetected. Whatever happened to me was unfair. I've been trying to get unbanned since January, I'm still banned.. and if I dont do anything, I'll be banned forever..

Thanks.. I hope I could do this with your help.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

The details of your episode are all irrelevant. You got banned from a site multiple times and you want back in.

The only answer you will get here is to work out the problems with the people that banned you.

You said:
"Whatever happened to me was unfair."
The website you want access to clearly has rules. If you violate their rules you get banned. How is that unfair??

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