Identifying my cell phone’s IP address

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bigdud asked 4 years ago

Here's my issue-
I want to be able to manage my router from afar; i.e., from beyond it's WiFi area. I want to do this from my smartphone (Galaxy S5) using its AT&T network.

My router (Linksys E3000) allows remote management limited to a single IP address for security purposes.

The problem is I have not been able to determine an IP address representing my smartphone; there is an IP shown in the phones settings/status section, but I believe this is not the final address that goes out over the network.

Can anyone tell me how to determine this IP, or better still if they have actually done this?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi bigdud,

Great question. You can go to our homepage from your cell phone when you're not on wifi to determine your IP.

However, in my research, mobile phone IP addresses change quite frequently so even if you determine your mobile IP, it will most likely change within a day or two and you won't be able to remotely manage your router.

IMO, the best option for you here is (Free). They have an app for your phone and for your computer at home. Install team viewer on both devices and you'll be able to access your home computer from your mobile device. Once connected to your home computer from your mobile device, you'll be able to manage your router through your home computers browser just as you do now while sitting in front of that device.

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