I want to KEEP my IP address and I want more….

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Ferg asked 3 years ago

IP addresses. So, if I have been reading everything on these forums correctly, I have a "static" IP address. I have a DSL connection through my phone company, a wireless router and a Sony laptop. I have tried various methods found across the internet to change the IP address with no success. Further - every computer in the house has the same IP address as we all use the same DSL connection and wireless router.

OK - that's where I am now. And I want to keep my current IP address so that's not a problem.

Here is what I want to do though. I have a couple of other email addresses that I don't want associated with my current IP address. If I sign up for NetZero dial-up, Earthlink dial-up etc. will I have a different IP address for each of those connections? When I connect to the internet through these several different dial-ups will I look like a different person to websites that track IP addresses for various reasons?

If I have made myself clear enough so that you understand what I am trying to accomplish and can offer advice on another way to achieve the same outcome, I welcome your advice. WOuld there be any downside to setting this up other than the $10 per month charge per dial-up account?

Thank you all,


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I'll use gmail as an example here. If you log in to the gmail web interface and send emails from there, then your IP does not show up on the receiving end. However, if you set up your gmail in your Outlook or other local email program, your IP will show up to the receiver.

Each time you connect to Earthlink, NetZero, etc. you would get a different IP than you have now. Just make sure to disable your network card since it would be the primary means of communiction on the PC, your PC may send mail on that connection by default revealing your current IP.

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