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Stanthomas asked 3 years ago

Hey, I am new to this forum. I really have used the I.P. tools of this site for a while before becoming a forum member. I have downloaded for years with no problems. Last week my son downloaded a movie, and the company that made the movie called my I.S.P. and then they gave me my warning speech. So I have been doing basically what I have always done, trial and error. I have recently subscribed to a ssh and downloaded putty in an attempt to alter or hide my I.P. while downloading. I know its working for the browser, thanks to this site. But my question is, how can I test this out while downloading torrents. I found one site that sent a torrent into my download list and it never gave an i.p. to compare to. Does it work like that, by blocking proxy detection, or does it give the ssh i.p.? Does anyone know a surefire test? Thanks.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

I'm not going to help you break the law, but I'll tell you it is possible to do a socks proxy through SSH, which is supported by a wide array of communication applications.

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