I need to change my ip

rsandlas asked 4 years ago

hello, i got banned from a gaming website esea.net, i need to change my ip so i can play again, i tried everything, even turning off my router but nothing is working, im still not able to access the website,
i have at&t

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

I'm curious why you got banned. If you've been banned in error, it's best to contact the website admin and ask for an unban.

If you were cheating and got banned, then you deserve it.

Otherwise, sounds like you've done everything you can to change your IP without success.

I've heard that some games have the ability to ban based on your games serial number. So even if you change your IP, it won't help.

If it's a laptop, take it to a wi-fi hot spot and see what happens.

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